December 2014

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Team at McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC!

It's hard to believe that winter will soon begin and the holiday season is upon us! In December, schools seem to have a unique kind of vibrancy. So many special activities, seasonal festivities and fun projects... Combine these with a few 'snow days' and the month can seem like a blur! This holiday season, we hope you take some quality time to relax with friends, colleagues and family members. Enjoy the simple pleasures of the season. If you find yourself exhibiting symptoms of 'seasonal overload disorder', prioritize your opportunities and choose only those that are most important to you. Choosing quality over quantity can help you have a joyous yet productive December.

A man named Pietro Aretino once said, "Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius". Winter is certainly a wonderful time to contemplate the many challenges that we face, and to think deeply about how we might address them more effectively. If you need assistance problem solving and finding creative solutions to the problems that you must deal with, call McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC. Our team of experienced professionals is ready and able to help you lead your organization on the path of improvement. We can provide tailored professional development, specialized consultation, personalized mentoring or carry out special projects that build the capacity of your school system to serve students better. Contact us at (603) 490-5874 or at [email protected] to discuss how we can support your work.

In this issue, enjoy articles by Meg Rugg, Maryclare Heffernan, Jeannemarie Ackerman and more!

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Parents and the Special Education Process: Three Keys to Productive Relationships

Parents are a vital part of the IEP development process, yet how often do we reflect on how we might more effectively build relationships with parents that will lay the groundwork for productive team meetings? No, I'm not referring to bringing cookies or becoming personal 'friends' with parents. Rather, I mean actions that build a meaningful foundation upon which effective working relationships...

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Meet Julie Morris

Julie Morris has over 35 years of experience working as a physical therapist in the public school systems in the Merrimack Valley and southern New Hampshire regions. She is currently a private practitioner contracting with two school districts in southern New Hampshire. She began her career working for Easter Seals Society in Manchester, NH as an itinerant specialist working in schools, out-patient clinics, hospitals and extended care facilities. She then worked at New England Rehabilitation Hospital in Woburn, MA both as a staff physical therapist and an assistant director of the PT department. Her next move was to the Greater Lawrence Educational Collaborative working in schools across...

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Early Childhood - Let's Not Waste It!

Early Childhood is a time of great growth and development. It is the foundation for building a successful future in school and in life. Young children are intensely curious and interested in the world around them. There is much that we, as teachers, parents and significant persons in the lives of these children, can do to enrich and enhance the development of the child to insure that they are the best that they can be now and throughout their life.

Ellen Galinsky, in her book, Mind in the Making, discusses the seven essential life skills that every child needs. She reinforces our knowledge that everything...

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The Air We Breathe

Culture is like the air that we breathe in our organization. It's the way be behave with each other based on beliefs, experiences and norms but more importantly, on what's accepted by the people around us. Our culture lives in our language, our stories and our rituals. Our collective humanness is on daily display. For better or worse...

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Teachers Helping Parents: Eliminate Lying

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Children are excited, teachers and parents are exhausted and that little elf is back to spy on the little ones. The holidays have officially arrived.

Much like eggnog lattes, interesting seasonal behaviors may be popping up here and there. Excitement, anticipation, fatigue and chaotic schedules can set the stage, so let’s review some of the items we...

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Check Out "do2Learn"

For a wealth of information and resources related to special needs, go to the 'do2Learn' website at This is one of the best sites I've found in terms of usefulness and range. Not only that, but nearly all of the tools and resources are free for anyone...

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