January 2015


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We love to make New Year's resolutions, but we usually don't expect them to work out long term.  Why? Because we know that wishful thinking doesn't make a difference in our personal or professional lives. Real change takes planning, action and 'grit' - the commitment to persevere over time in the face of challenges.

Changing an organization is significantly more challenging than changing individual behaviors, yet we often neglect to devote the time, attention and expertise it takes to realize lasting improvements in our schools. If you have resolved to lead changes in your organization in 2015, call McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC to get the support you need to be successful. Whether you are in need of specialized consultation, professional development, mentoring or other supports catered to your organization, we can help with Customized Solutions for Real Changes. Contact us at [email protected] or at (603) 490-5874 to discuss your needs. Together, we can help your school system move forward in 2015. 

Happy New Year from McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC!


Four Tips to Help You Teach Like a Champion in 2015

1) Expectations - Some schools and districts get all caught up in “correlations” and spend endless time tracking:  Percent of babies born at low-birth weight; percent of children born to single moms; percent of children in families receiving government assistance; and education levels of mothers.  The simple truth is educators in high-performing high poverty schools and districts do not do that...

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Meet Kari Harwood

Ms. Harwood is a highly respected, dedicated & motivating educator, who possesses over ten years of experience within New Hampshire public schools. Kari graduated from Springfield College with a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Human Services/Social Work and with a minor in Psychology. After several years of experience working with middle school and high school youth, within the Human Services/Social Work realm, Kari made the decision to pursue licensure as a NH Educator. In December of 2007, Kari was awarded her Master of Education degree within the specific concentration area of...

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Laziness...Or Poor Executive Skills

As a psychologist who specializes in children with learning and attention disorders, I see a lot of kids who are struggling in school. Very often, their parents are struggling too, with what is causing the problem. When they come to see me, the initial interview often goes like this: Me: Why don’t you start by telling me how you ended up here and what you’re hoping to get out of this evaluation? Parents: We can’t figure out why... 

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New Online Option for Orton-Gillingham-Based Language Training! 

I recently learned of a progressive organization that is transforiming education by making evidence-based reading instruction available worldwide! Cardinal Reading Strategies, LLC, provides intensive instruction to students through The English Code Language Training System. Any student with internet access can now receive high quality instruction that will build the literacy skills they need to succeed in school and in life. I was so intrigued by this new option, that I asked Dr. Walter E. Dunson, Ph.D., who created the system, to describe it for my readers. I hope you enjoy his contribution and that you will consider...

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Influencing Change Through Leadership

In the New Year, don't hesitate to read a classic book on leadership! Leadership Without Easy Answers by Ronald Heifetz is one of the best books on leadership I have ever read. Emphasizing leadership with and without authority, it strikes at the heart of what it means to be a leader...

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Check Out NCLD

The National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) is working 'to improve the lives of the one in five children and adults nationwide with learning and attention issues—by empowering parents and young adults, transforming schools and advocating for equal rights and opportunities' (http://www.ncld.org/mission-and-history/). If you haven't yet visited their website, take a look at http://www.ncld.org. This organization has resources and supports...

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