May 2014

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How do you spend your days? Answering emails and phone calls? Reacting to problematic circumstances in your school system? Attending to required paperwork? These things are necessary, but they should not constitute your career. If you've dedicated your life to promoting quality education for all students, then you need to spend your days attending to things that will increase the capacity of your school system to serve every student well. The reality is, no matter how talented and dedicated you are, you're only one person. McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC can work with you to improve educational services to students through a contextualized approach to leadership, professional learning and the organizational change process.

Our professionals will work with you to develop a plan that is customized to align with your leadership goals, and specifically designed to promote sustainable organizational learning. We provide consultation services, professional learning, mentoring, and strategic planning. Additionally, we will assist you with projects or initiatives pertaining to special education and related services. The team at McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC has grown rapidly to include educators with a high level of expertise in special education instruction (all levels), preschool administration, school psychology, applied behavioral analysis, and speech & language pathology. Educational leadership and student services administration, tiered systems of instructional support, and data based school improvement continue to be areas of emphasis. We are also branching out into other areas of consultation as needed to support our clients. If we can't meet your unique needs, we will help to find a professional who can!  

Call McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC at 603-490-5874 when you are planning your teacher workshop days, considering how to best support your new employees, or need specialized consultation.  We would love to partner with you to make sure that your professional days add up to a professional life that you can be proud of. 

We hope you enjoy this month's Newsletter, which is designed to provide you with relevant and useful information (saving you valuable time and energy). Read below for articles that can stretch and strengthen your skills and perspectives!

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Inclusion is a Global Issue

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"We are less when we don't include everyone" (Stuart Milk). 

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Meet Janice Dunlevy

Professional Photo

Ms. Dunlevy is a highly experienced, expert teacher who has taught moderately disabled students in kindergarten through seventh grade for over three decades. Jan has particular expertise in working in collaborative environments with ... 

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Online Courses for Students with Disabilities: Five Considerations 

Online courses for students with disabilities are increasingly seen as a viable alternative to traditional instruction.  Although virtual courses can be useful tools, they should not be considered a panacea for students who struggle in more typical learning situations. Before you decide to place a student in an online course, or as you determine what types of support the student will need to be successful in that course, consider... Student at Computer

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Facilitating Unexpected or Conflicted Discussions

Bad Meeting Icons

Nothing throws people 'for a loop' like an unexpected issue or conflict that arises during a meeting. Rather than being discombobulated or intimidated, learn to accept such instances as normal parts of collaboration and problem-solving processes. Facilitate conflicted discussions effectively, and you'll be in a good position to provide the leadership your teams need to make decisions that are truly centered on the needs of the students.  Sounds easier said than done? Read on for 10 Tips... 

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Summer Reading Crucial for Low-Income Students

The biggest slide some kids will experience this summer won’t be the one at the local water park.  It will be in their reading performance.

Low-Income Students

We have over twenty years worth of research showing that low-income students experience on average summer loss in reading achievement of over two months.  Their middle-income peers, meanwhile, experience small summer gains in reading performance.  At first glance, a two-month loss in reading proficiency may not appear debilitating or remarkable.  But imagine the cumulative effect of this loss over two, five or ten years...  

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Leadership Requires Courage, Tact and Empathy

As an educational leader, how well prepared are you to engage in uncomfortable conversations in ways that
are constructive, respectful and take into account the perspectives of others?  School leaders are often put in the position of discussing issues or concerns that are hard to talk about, but rarely are Coverthey given strategies that they can actually use to navigate such conversations adeptly. This 'quick read' empowers the reader to apply strategies that illuminate paths to consensus and problem solving. Although we will likely never relish the idea of Difficult Conversations...

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