September 2014

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Welcome to another new school year and an exciting chance to start over! Ralph Marston once said, "Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership." You work in field with inherent challenges, which gives you repeated opportunities to influence others as you approach difficulties with a positive attitude.  Never underestimate how important it is for you to 'set the tone' in your organization. By exuding optimism, you give hope and courage to those around you who may be struggling to meet the demands of their positions. An additional byproduct of positivity: things will go better for you!  Have a phenomenal school year, and thank you for subscribing to the McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC Newsletter. 

Another important aspect of leadership is sharing ideas and resources that will help others serve students better. Our newsletter is intended to make this easier for you. It includes information on a wide range of topics pertinent to the field of education that provide insight and strategies for educators. We hope that you will find the articles useful, and that you will share them with any colleagues or employees who can benefit from reading them. Also, if your school needs customized professional development, mentoring services, strategic planning facilitation or other specialized consultation contact McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC. We are ready to help you with Customized Solutions for Real Changes! 

NVLD Insight from Dr. Ed Jacobs

Dr. Ed Jacobs

Paul wanted nothing more than to have a friend. He tried to talk to the kids who shared his table in his third grade class, but he rarely “got” their jokes, and he pretended to laugh when they all started giggling together.

No matter how hard he tried to fit in, they never invited him to play at recess. He became frustrated and angry, which he expressed freely at home through tantrums, crying spells, and refusals to...



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Meet Jeannemarie Ackerman, M.Ed., BCBA

Jeannemarie Ackerman

Ms. Ackerman has been an educational professional within the New Hampshire public schools for fifteen years. After graduating from Plymouth State University, she began her teaching career in the Lawrence, Massachusetts Public Schools. Wanting to impact the education of children in her home state, she left Lawrence and taught first grade in Chester, NH for 8 eight years.

Always interested in the behavior of young children, in 2007 she received her Masters Degree in Behavioral Education from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts. Later in the... 


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Tips for Parents from Teachers: Strengthening the Child-Parent Bond

Has this every happened to you? It’s conference time and you are meeting with Mr. and Mrs. Concerned. You are prepared to review the current report card and discuss Johnny’s many classroom successes and what he needs to work on.

The conversation begins to take a turn where the parents want to discuss other issues that Johnny is having, mainly at home: squabbles with siblings, losing his toys, etc..


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Why So Many OT Referrals for Written Expression in the Schools?

As a practicing occupational therapist of 30 years, I have seen the number of referrals for O.T. in the public schools increase, especially in the area of written expression.   Thirty years ago only the most severely handicapped children were serviced by O.T.  Now O.T. services are provided to a much wider developmental range, and especially to children struggling with written expression. What has changed? 

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Schools Shape the Future

"There can be no failure for a man who has not lost his courage, his character, his self-respect, or his self-confidence" Orison Swett Marden

The recent and continuing emphasis on raising academic test scores is not bad in itself, but it may ultimately turn out to be detrimental if it squelches or pushes aside the role that schools can and should play in helping to make the world a better place - now and in the future.

For better or for worse, schools...


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Stop Spinning Your Wheels: SLIMM Book Review

Do you feel like your school is working on the same things year after year with very little discernable progress or improvement? Is the question, "What's the process for that?" often answered with shrugs or "I think Mrs. Smith does a good job with that... why don't you go and ask her?"

Do new teachers have to learn most of the expected practices in your school through teachers' room talk? If so, your school is not unusual. However, there is ...


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