Professional Learning 

Your educators want to learn how they can work together to better serve their students, but in today’s world of increased pressures and information overload it’s difficult to provide coherent professional development that will move your organization forward.  Stop wasting limited resources on piecemeal trainings that are ‘out of context’ and ineffective for your professionals.  

McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC will work with you to determine priorities and devise a targeted professional development plan that is catered to the needs of your school system, aligned with your leadership goals, and supported over time. McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC emphasizes research-based professional learning that is sustained, collaborative, job-embedded and designed to move your organization forward. Call now to schedule a complementary consultation and see how customized solutions can mean real changes in your school system.

Special Education 

Special education is perhaps the most complex, contentious and costly responsibility of school systems, and the professionals who work within it often have widely variant skillsets.  These teachers and related services providers need specialized supports to make sense out of new requirements and translate knowledge into practice in ways that will enable your organization to effectively serve all students with educational disabilities.

The team at McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC has special expertise related to the needs of students with disabilities. We will work with you to ascertain your organization’s needs in relation to special education and/or related services then develop a plan to promote continuous growth and consistency across your school system.  Don’t wait for things to go wrong before addressing them.  Be proactive, and call McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC now for a free consultation that will get your organization started on the road to improvement.

Strategic Planning 

The field of education is fraught with new information, initiatives, mandates and curricular expectations.  This reality, in relation to the limited time and monetary resources that are available to schools, requires that every school leader be highly selective when making decisions about the targeted future of his or her organization.  This can’t be done effectively in isolation, but necessitates the involvement of a range of stakeholders within an educational community. Strategic Planning builds consensus regarding the values, mission and future vision of school systems so that priorities and goals can be set and achieved over time.  

McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC will work with your organization to plan and execute a Strategic Planning process that is uniquely customized to meet the needs of your school system and community. Shape the future of your organization by collaboratively developing a plan that will help your constituents focus on what is important for long-term success.  Call McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC to schedule a preliminary Strategic Planning consultation at no expense.


Special education administrators, teachers and related services providers have tough jobs that are little understood by most other professionals in the field of Education.  A shortage of professionals in these areas has prompted many school systems to hire professionals with little or no first-hand experience working in schools. This creates an incredibly steep learning curve for newly hired professionals who often have no one within their own districts to turn to for help.  When you hire a new special education administrator, teacher or related services provider who needs some professional guidance to thrive in your school, don’t let that professional sink or swim.

McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC can provide as much or as little mentoring support or as your new professional needs to meet with short and long-term success.  Distance is not a barrier, since our team can provide mentoring services virtually to any professional with an Internet connection. Call now to find out more about how our team can help your special services employees thrive. 

Special Projects 

Do you have unique needs that necessitate the skills and knowledge of experienced educational leaders with backgrounds in leadership, special education and related services? Are you looking for professionals to help you improve practices within your system or put new practices in place? The professionals at McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC can work with you and your staff to implement and sustain systems of support that will help all students succeed and meet important educational standards.

McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC recognizes that sometimes an outside perspective can be essential for school systems to develop a plan of action that will clarify the steps an organization can take that will constitute real progress over time.  If you need the advice of highly experienced and qualified educators or therapists for any project, large or small, call McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC to discuss your organizational needs, concerns or projects. 

Speaking Engagements

If you are looking for engaging speakers to present on informative and inspiring issues pertaining to professional development, special education, organizational change and leadership (or related topics) call McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC to discuss your needs at no charge. We stay abreast of current trends by continually reviewing news articles, periodicals, books and websites to obtain the latest information and consider the corresponding impact on schools.

We will gladly gather further information that is targeted to your requirements and incorporate it into a customized presentation that integrates your goals and leadership message. Don’t scramble around at the last minute to find a speaker for your next gathering or event - call McCoy Educational Consulting, LLC.

The Cure for the Common Core

Workshops and consultation related to the systemic use of data to improve instruction! Tap Dancing To Work will provide all of your school system's teachers facilitation practices and data-driven dialog protocols that will lead your school or district to success. Each teacher will explore the seven qualities of high-performing teams and learn ways to apply strategies for encouraging your teams to adopt those qualities. 

Learn more about the Cure for the Common Core